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SealOnce Basement Waterproofing System

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  • SealOnce Basement System 4ft Main Section

    SealOnce Basement System: 4ft Main Section

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  • SealOnce Basement System Inside Corner

    SealOnce Basement System: Inside Corner

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  • SealOnce Basement System Outside Corner

    SealOnce Basement System: Outside Corner

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  • SealOnce Basement Waterproofing System end cap

    SealOnce Basement System: End Cap

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  • SealOnce Basement System Connector

    SealOnce Basement System: Butt Joints (5 Pack)

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  • SealOnce Adhesive | Basement Waterproofing Sealer

    SealOnce Adhesive (10oz)

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  • Drain port for removing water from wet basement channel

    SealOnce Basement System: Drain Port (23in)

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  • Perfect SealOnce tool kit for DIY basement waterproofing baseboard channel

    Perfect SealOnce Tool Kit

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  • DIY basement waterproofing system sample kit

    SAMPLE KIT SealOnce Basement System

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  • SealOnce Roto-Stripper Drill Attachment for Paint Removal

    SealOnce Roto-Stripper Drill Attachment for Paint Removal

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SealOnce Basement Waterproofing System | DIY Beaver System

DIY basement waterproofing system that will dry up your wet basement permanently without having to bust up your concrete floor

SealOnce Basement System is the ideal solution to wet basements that leak water through the joint where the floor and walls meet without having to bust up the concrete floor. The hollow baseboard channel is bonded water-tight with our specialty formulated SealOnce waterproofing adhesive to collect the seeping water and channel it out of your basement. The SealOnce Basement System has been trusted by thousands of homeowners for decades to dry up their leaky basement. You basement is next!

How to Install

SealOnce Basement System offers a DIY solution that doesn’t require the hassle of breaking up your floor or tedious hours spent on waterproofing paint. With its easy to install design, you can reclaim your basement as a dry, usable space in no time. It’s a simple, effective way to put an end to your basement water issues without the mess and fuss. Take control of your basement’s comfort and functionality with the ease of SealOnce – your dry basement is just a DIY project away.

When it comes to addressing a wet basement, the SealOnce Basement System offers a highly advantageous alternative to invasive drain tile systems and the labor-intensive process of applying waterproofing paints. Here’s a comparison of the benefits:

1. Affordability:

  • SealOnce: This system provides an affordable solution. It doesn’t necessitate costly excavation or extensive labor, making it budget-friendly.
  • Drain Tile System: Drain tile installations can be expensive due to the labor and equipment required for excavation and installation.
  • Waterproofing Paints: Although initially cheaper, waterproofing paints are often a temporary solution, requiring periodic reapplication, which adds up over time.

2. Permanent Solution:

  • SealOnce: It offers a permanent fix. Once installed, it provides continuous protection against basement water issues.
  • Drain Tile System: Drain tiles, while a good system for many basement, can be overkill for some basements. Drain tiles may require ongoing maintenance and can be prone to clogs or failures since they are installed in dirt and gravel.
  • Waterproofing Paints: These provide a temporary barrier, and over time, they may wear off, bubble and crack, and become less effective.

3. Non-Invasive Installation:

  • SealOnce: No jackhammers are needed to bust up the floor. Installation is minimally disruptive and doesn’t require extensive prepping or excavation.
  • Drain Tile System: Installing drain tiles involves significant excavation, potentially damaging the foundation and requiring extensive reconstruction.
  • Waterproofing Paints: Applying waterproofing paints can be time-consuming and may not address the root cause of the problem, allowing water to seep through.

4. Comprehensive Protection:

  • SealOnce: It provides a comprehensive solution, addressing both wall and floor leaks simultaneously.
  • Drain Tile System: Drain tiles primarily address subsurface water, while wall leaks may still require separate solutions.
  • Waterproofing Paints: These usually focus on creating a barrier on walls and are less effective at managing floor leaks.

In summary, the SealOnce Basement System stands out as a cost-effective, permanent, and non-invasive solution to wet basements. It eliminates the need for expensive drain tile systems and offers a more reliable alternative to waterproofing paints, which are often temporary “bandaid” fixes. Choosing SealOnce ensures long-lasting protection and peace of mind for homeowners seeking to keep their basements dry and functional without breaking the bank or enduring extensive disruptions.