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Fast Track Basement System

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  • Fast Track basement waterproofing drain tile system

    Fast Track Basement System 6ft Sections (90ft Cartons)

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  • Fast Track snap joint

    Fast Track: Snap Joiners (36 Pack)

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  • Fast track basement system corner

    Fast Track: Universal Corners (8 Pack)

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  • Fast Track inspection clean out port

    Fast Track: Inspection Ports (4 Pack)

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  • Fast Track tee

    Fast Track: Tees (4 Pack)

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  • Fast Track sump drop

    Fast Track: Sump Drops (4 Pack)

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  • Rim Skirt basement system

    Rim-Skirt Basement System 6ft Sections (180ft Cartons)

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  • Drain-Eze XL dimple footer drain basement waterproofing system

    Drain-Eze XL Basement System 6ft Sections (180ft Cartons)

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Fast Track Basement Waterproofing System

The SMARTER basement waterproofing system that SAVES TIME, which SAVES MONEY.

Fast Track Basement System our most versatile basement waterproofing system. Fast Track is a hybrid, new generation drain tile. Fast Track Basement System requires half the work of drain tile and runs faster and more efficiently. Never use old-fashioned pipe and gravel again with Fast Track’s innovate design. Fast Track’s unique design allows it to be installed next to the footing, like drain tile, or on top of the footing. When installing next to footing use Drain-Eze XL black dimpled board. When installing on top of footing use Rim-Skirt.

Rapid flow design needs a small amount of the water to drain quickly to sump pump compared to old-fashioned drain tile.
Self-filtering slits keep rock and sediments out.
Unique umbrella-like side ways prevent dirt from compacting against system and allows water to enter freely.
Rigid click-together main sections prevent stagnate water compared to corrugated pipe.

How to Install

Fast Track’s unique design allows it to be installed next to the footing, like drain tile, or on top of the footing.

Installation Next to the Footing:

When installing the Fast Track Main Sections next to the footing you’d use our low-profile, dimpled board called Drain-Eze XL. Drain-Eze XL Basement System is a patented design of bi-folds and dimples that create a 3/8” gap on top of the footer and up the wall for water to flow freely to the Fast Track channel set next to the footer.

Installation On Top of the Footing: 

The Rim-Skirt Basement System was designed to allow the Fast Track Main Sections to be installed on top of the footing. Rim-Skirt nests together with the Fast Track creating a fin that collects any seepage from the face of the walls and channels it into the Fast Track. The configuration of the Fast Track and Rim-Skirt Systems are ideal for crawlspace waterproofing. The Fast Track is a closed system that has slits instead of holes, which allows for it to set in dirt and gravel around a crawlspace foundation.

Exclusive Design Features of the Fast Track Basement System

Fast Track basement waterproofing system

Fast Track Basement System

Rapid Water Flow Design Only Needs a Small Amount of Water to Drain Quickly to Sump Pump
Fast Track Main Sections were designed to be narrower at the bottom and wider at the top to create rapid water flow. As the water enters the channel only a small amount of water is needed to create flow compared to drain tile, which needs a substantial amount of water to fill up inside the pipe before it will even begin to flow toward the sump pump. Compared to drain tile, Fast Track’s exclusive, rapid-flow profile requires a fifth the amount of water inside the channel to beginning draining to the sump pump.

Self-Filtering Slits Keep Rock and Sediments Out
Fast Track Main Sections use a series of slits to allow water into the channel and keep rock and sediments out, which commonly plug up similar systems that use holes punched into the sides.

Unique Umbrella-like Sidewalls Allow Water to Easily Enter
Fast Track Main Section’s unique contoured, umbrella-like sides protect slits from sediments and rock compacting tightly against the sides. This allows water to easily enter the channel and keep it running clog-free.

Rigid Main Sections Prevent Stagnate Water
Fast Track Main Sections come in 6-foot long rigid sections, while old-school drain tile is a flexible, corrugated pipe. Fast Track’s rigid sections mean you need less of a grade when trenching to create flow. There are no hills and valleys for water to makes it way through, like you would have with drain tile, which prevents stagnate water inside the system.


Fast Track vs Drain Tile

Fast track basement system vs drain tile waterproofing

Drain tile vs Fast Track Basement System

Fast Track Basement System out performs old-fashioned 6-inch corrugated drain tile pipe in flow rates, labor times and installation efficiency. Corrugated pipes store huge amounts of water before they could begin to flow to the sump pump. To offset this design flaw, waterproofers would buy smaller and smaller diameter corrugated pipe. Still these smaller corrugated pipes would store water in dips and valley of the corrugation creating stagnate water. The high efficiency design of the Fast Track Main Sections begin to deliver water to the sump pump with a fraction of the water needed for a corrugated pipe system to drain. 

Fast Track Main Sections are able to deliver water much faster to the sump pump because of its inverted design. The bottom of the Main Sections are narrower than the top, which is key to creating fast and efficient water flow. As water enters the channel only a small amount of water is need to build height and water being self-leveling is always seeking the lowest point, which is the sump pit. This kind of efficiency drains gallons and gallons of water to the sump pump system hours before old-fashioned drain tile systems deliver their first gallon. 

Fast Track installation is similar to drain tile with the exception of the depth and width of the trench. Only 4 inches of depth and 4 inches of width is need for installation of the Fast Track Basement System. 

The Fast Track System uses the same lumber dimensions as a 2×4 stud. Each section is a rigid 6-foot long channel and snaps together using our Snap-Joint Connectors. Corners are universal, which means they work as and inside or outside corners. Fast Track is a complete system and includes Sump Drops connection and Tees. Inspection Ports can be added anywhere in the installation offering easy access should service be needed.


Fast Track Basement System is ICC-ES Certified

Our Fast Track Basement System is now ICC-ES Certified (ESR-5117). Click here to view the ICC-ES report. 

What does this mean for you?

  • You can install our system with peace of mind that it is fully compliant with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC)
  • ICC-ES evaluation reports are tailored to meet the needs of the code official enforcing the international family of codes. The reports contain factual, relevant information needed by code officials in order to support their decision to allow subject building products in their jurisdiction. 

About the ICC-ES

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC), was created by code officials to serve the needs of code officials. With 90 years of experience in product evaluation and building code publications, ICC-ES provides a comprehensive evaluation process with a vigorous peer review. 


Exclusive Design Manufactured in the USA

Basement waterproofing experts

Ken Cotten, inventor of the Fast Track Basement System.

The Fast Track Basement System was engineered by Ken Cotten, WATERPROOF.COM founder, after decades of hands-on experience in the basement waterproofing installation business. He knew first-hand how labor intensive installing old-fashioned drain tile was in a basement and knew he could design a basement waterproofing system that could out preform drain tile in installation and flow-rate efficiency. In 2009, Ken brought the Fast Track Basement System into the basement waterproofing industry and it quickly rose in popularity with contractor’s looking for a modern, highly efficient and easier to install alternative to old-fashioned drain tile.

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