Do-it-yourself Installation Guides

We will teach your how to waterproof your basement yourself. No matter your DIY skill level or experience, you can do it. Simply follow our step-by-step guides to a dry basement. If you have any questions about installation or need assistance please contact us. Our team of waterproofing experts are here to help.

Waterproof your wet basement yourself! We’ll teach you how. 

We’re helping homeowners of all skill levels to take control of their wet basements with our DIY SealOnce Basement Waterproofing System. Our comprehensive installation guides make it easy for anyone to learn how to waterproof their own basement. No matter your DIY experience, you can do it! Transform your wet, leaky basement into a dry space and gain back your basement. Once dry, you can transform your basement into usable living space. Waterproofing your basement has never been more accessible and affordable thanks to our easy to install SealOnce Basement System, back by decades of proven performance and thousands of happy homeowners just like you!

DIY basement waterproofing system that's easy to install

SealOnce Basement System Installation Guide

DIY sump pump kit professional grade

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DIY crawl space and basement wall moisture liner

VaporBright Crawl Space Liner Installation Guide

UnderGround downspout kits easy to install DIY downspout extension

UnderGround Downspout Kit Installation Guide

DIY crack foundation wall repair sealant installation

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Ready to waterproof your wet basement?

Complete guide to do it yourself DIY basement waterproofing for homeowners with a wet leaky foundation