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Drain-Eze XL Basement System

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  • Drain-Eze XL dimple footer drain basement waterproofing system

    Drain-Eze XL Basement System 6ft Sections (180ft Cartons)

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Drain-Eze basement waterproofing system

Patented Drain-Eze XL design makes for a quick and professional installation every time

New Upgraded Drain-Eze XL design uses patented (US7918055B2) expandable bi-fold technology to absorb the common wave deformity generic dimple mat can’t overcome. Work smarter and faster with the horizontal troughs and structural footer dimples. Yields high drain allowance & clog-free seepage collection.

How to Install

Drain-Eze XL Basement System dimples and elongated slots create a 3/8” gap on top of the footer and up the wall for water to flow freely to the Fast Track channel set next to the footer. This shallow design allows for the Drain-Eze XL to be installed with any floor thickness. 

Install the Drain-Eze XL by busting up the concrete floor to expose the footing. Remove large concrete burrs from the walls. Place the Drain-Eze on top of the footing and nest the main sections end-to-end. It’s that easy to install the Drain-Eze XL. 

Follow by installing the Fast Track Basement System next to the footing. Fast Track is our most versatile basement waterproofing system. Fast Track is a hybrid, new generation drain tile. Fast Track Basement System requires half the work of drain tile and runs faster and more efficiently. Never use old-fashioned pipe and gravel again with Fast Track’s innovate design.

Drain-Eze XL revolutionized the footer drain market with it’s never-seen-before design elements

1: Elongate slots make for quick and easy troweling and keeps concrete work straight and true!

2: Patented bi-fold design absorbs the common wave deformity caused by uneven footings that plague similar system. Drain-Eze XL’s bi-folds create a superior finished professional, clean installation.

3: Dimples and troughs create structural contact between the cement floor and foundation. Dimples allow for more flex as is needed for uneven installs over rough footings. When filled with cement dimples create strong structural integrity. Drain-Eze XL staggered dimple design flows clog-free compared to common coroplast footer drains that use flutes for drainage from the cold-joint. Generic flute-designed drainage boards are plague with clogs from slit and sand. 

Designed and manufactured by WATERPROOF.COM

The Drain-Eze XL Basement System was engineered and patented by Ken Cotten, WATERPROOF.COM founder, after decades of hands-on experience in the basement waterproofing installation business. Ken saw the common, generic footer drainage boards on the market that were plagued with several design flaws from sand clogged flutes to severe wave deformities when installed over uneven, rough footings. Ken overcame all these design flaws with the Drain-Eze XL by using dimples instead of flutes across the footing, elongated troughs along the walls for easy troweling and added stiffness, and the introduction of a bi-folded hinge, which had never been seen before in the basement waterproofing industry. 

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