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Crawl Space

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  • Crawl Space vapor liner tape

    VaporBright Tape (4in x 180ft Roll)

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  • VaporBright Nylon Fasteners (500 Pack)

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  • 12 Mil VaporBright Crawlspace Liner

    VaporBright 12-MIL Premium Crawlspace Vapor Barrier (12ft x 100ft Roll)

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  • 20-MIL VaporBright Crawlspace Liner

    VaporBright 20-MIL Premium Crawlspace Vapor Barrier (12ft x 100ft Roll)

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  • BaseShield Dimple Drainage Mat

    BaseShield Drainage Dimple Mat (4ft x 50ft)

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  • VaporBright Butyl Tape

    VaporBright Butyl Tape (White)

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  • VaporBright Crawl Space liner 12MIL black on white

    VaporBright 12-MIL Premium Crawlspace Vapor Barrier (8ft x 100ft Roll)

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  • Pro Series Crawl Space Sump Pump Kit

    Pro Series Crawl Space Sump Pump Kit

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VaporBright Crawl Space Encapsulation Installation Guide

Top quality crawl space for superior moisture management and encapsulation

Our high-performance VaporBright Crawlspace vapor barriers are engineered to create an impermeable barrier against moisture, preventing water vapor from permeating through the crawl space walls and floors. Available in various thicknesses, these vapor barriers are designed to withstand the rigors of crawl space conditions and offer exceptional durability. Our BaseShield dimple drainage matting is installed onto the floor of the crawlspace to a create a waterproof membrane. Then, layer over the VaporBright Crawlspace liner to encapsulate the space and create a clean, bright finish.

How to Install

Watch our video installation guide for the VaporBright Crawlspace and BaseShield dimple matting. The step-by-step installation will teach you and your team how to encapsulate a crawlspace or basement with our products from start to finish.

For professional basement waterproofing contractors, the installation of high-quality vapor barriers in crawl spaces is an essential and highly effective strategy. These barriers are a critical component of comprehensive waterproofing systems, and their importance cannot be overstated. Here’s why they are indispensable:

1. Moisture Control: High-quality vapor barriers are engineered to control moisture effectively. They act as a barrier to prevent water vapor from infiltrating the crawl space. This is crucial because excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and structural damage over time. By controlling moisture, vapor barriers protect the structural integrity of the building.

2. Mold and Mildew Prevention: Crawl spaces are notorious breeding grounds for mold and mildew. The moisture present in these areas provides an ideal environment for these harmful microorganisms to thrive. Vapor barriers create a hostile environment for mold and mildew by reducing moisture levels, thereby enhancing indoor air quality and reducing health risks.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency: By reducing moisture intrusion, high-quality vapor barriers can improve the energy efficiency of a home. Excessive moisture can affect the insulation’s effectiveness, leading to higher heating and cooling costs. Vapor barriers help maintain a stable and controlled environment, ensuring that insulation performs optimally.

4. Structural Preservation: Moisture in crawl spaces can lead to structural problems over time, such as wood decay and corrosion of metal components. Vapor barriers protect the integrity of these structural elements, extending the life of the building and reducing maintenance costs.

5. Enhanced Comfort: A crawl space with proper vapor barriers contributes to a more comfortable living environment. It helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels in the home, reducing the risk of discomfort associated with damp or excessively humid conditions.

6. Regulatory Compliance: In some regions, building codes and regulations require the installation of vapor barriers in crawl spaces, especially in flood-prone areas or locations with high groundwater levels. Professional waterproofing contractors ensure compliance with these regulations.

7. Increased Property Value: Homes with well-maintained crawl space vapor barriers are more attractive to potential buyers. This investment in waterproofing not only protects the property but also enhances its market value.

8. Customization and Expert Installation: Professional contractors assess the unique conditions of each crawl space and customize vapor barrier solutions accordingly. Their expertise ensures proper installation, including sealing seams, anchoring, and ensuring full coverage.

In summary, high-quality vapor barriers in crawl spaces are indispensable tools for professional basement waterproofing contractors. They are essential for moisture control, mold prevention, energy efficiency, and structural preservation. By emphasizing the importance of these barriers and offering expert installation services, waterproofing contractors play a crucial role in safeguarding homes and enhancing their overall quality and value.

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