Professional Basement Waterproofing Systems

Our professional basement waterproofing systems, exclusively manufactured by, provide contractors with top-tier, reliable solutions to tackle any wet basement challenges, ensuring dry and secure basements for their clients.

Fast Track Basement Waterproofing System

Fast Track Basement System

Hybrid ultra-fast drain tile waterproofing channel.

Drain-Eze Basement Waterproofing System

Drain-Eze XL

Low-profile dimpled footer board installed with the Fast Track.

Drain Main Basement Waterproofing System

Drain Main Basement System

The original open-back stand alone footer waterproofing channel.

Rim-Skirt Basement Waterproofing System

Rim-Skirt Basement System

Transforms Fast Track channel into footer installed waterproofing system.

Water X-Tract Basement Waterproofing System

Water X-Tract Basement System

Above floor baseboard waterproofing channel ideal for monolithic foudations.

Pro-SealOnce waterproofing adhesive

Pro-SealOnce Waterproofing Adhesive

Bonds the Water X-Tract Basement System water-tight to the concrete floor.

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From our non-invasive above-floor baseboard system to our stand-alone footer channel and ultra-fast hybrid drain tile system, we offer a comprehensive variety of professional basement waterproofing channel installations to suit diverse contractor needs.

Water x-Tract basement system

Above Floor Installation

Drain Main basement System

Footer Installation

Fast Track drain tile basement waterproofing system

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