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Basement Waterproofing Tools

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  • Manual sausage gun

    20oz Manual Sausage Gun

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  • Sausage gun tips

    20oz Sausage Gun Tips (6 Pack)

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  • Electric scarifier

    Electric Scarifier

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  • Scarifier heads

    Electric Scarifier Heads

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  • Perfect Seal Tool Kit - DIY basement waterproofing tools

    Perfect SealOnce Tool Kit (15 Pack)

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professional basement waterproofing systems

Professional basement waterproofing tools for fast and effective installations

At WATERPROOF.COM, we carry professional waterproofing tools you need to complete your jobs with finesse and quality craftsmanship. Unleash the power of the electric scarifier for precise surface preparation, while our 20oz capacity caulking guns offer unmatched control. For the ultimate water-tight seal every time, our custom-made caulking tool kit ensures perfection without the mess. Elevate your waterproofing projects with tools designed to redefine precision and efficiency.

How to Install

We carry the tools you need to install our professional basement waterproofing systems. The tools above are used to install our above the floor basement waterproofing channel the Water X-Tract Basement System. The electric scarifier is used to remove existing paint or leftover tile adhesives from the concrete floors quickly and easily. Our 20oz caulking gun is used to installed the correct amount of Pro-SealOnce Adhesive during the installation of the Water X-Tract Basement System. To learn more about how to install the Water X-Tract Basement System click the button below.

Discover the pinnacle of precision and performance in our selection of specialty waterproofing tools. Designed for professionals, by professionals, our handpicked tools empower waterproofing experts to achieve flawless results. From advanced application tools to specialized measurement instruments, elevate your craft with tools that redefine excellence in waterproofing.

Please contact us if you need additional information about our basement waterproofing tools or need help with installation. Our team will be happy to assist and troubleshoot any issues that my arise on your jobs.

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