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Do-it-yourself Basement Waterproofing

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  • Foundation Wall Crack Repair

    Crack Foundation Repair (10oz)

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  • SealOnce Basement System 4ft Main Section

    SealOnce Basement System: 4ft Main Section

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  • SealOnce Basement System Inside Corner

    SealOnce Basement System: Inside Corner

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  • SealOnce Basement System Outside Corner

    SealOnce Basement System: Outside Corner

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  • SealOnce Basement Waterproofing System end cap

    SealOnce Basement System: End Cap

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  • SealOnce Basement System Connector

    SealOnce Basement System: Butt Joints (5 Pack)

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  • SealOnce Adhesive | Basement Waterproofing Sealer

    SealOnce Adhesive (10oz)

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  • Drain port for removing water from wet basement channel

    SealOnce Basement System: Drain Port (23in)

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  • DIY sump pump | how to install a sump pump

    Do-it-yourself Sump Pump Kit

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  • Perfect SealOnce tool kit for DIY basement waterproofing baseboard channel

    Perfect SealOnce Tool Kit

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  • DIY basement waterproofing system sample kit

    SAMPLE KIT SealOnce Basement System

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  • DIY VaporBright Crawl Space Kit

    VaporBright Crawlspace Kit

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  • Aprilaire Model E070 dehumidifier for basement and crawl space (70 pint) DIY do it yourself kit

    AprilAire E070 Dehumidifier (70 Pint) DIY Kit for Crawl Space and Basement

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  • SealOnce Roto-Stripper Drill Attachment for Paint Removal

    SealOnce Roto-Stripper Drill Attachment for Paint Removal

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DIY SealOnce Basement Waterproofing Channel Review

DIY basement waterproofing products backed by decades of proven performance

We offer homeowners professional grade waterproofing products to dry up their wet basement. Our do-it-yourself SealOnce Basement System was originally designed and installed in 1965 by Robert Cotten in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the decades we’ve made updates and improved on the original baseboard channel to what is the newest generation of the SealOnce Basement System. A system that is back by thousand of happy homeowners and decades of proven performance at drying up wet basements without having to bust up or trench the concrete floor.

How to Install

We’re proud to offer DIY homeowners the opportunity to dry up their wet basement themselves with our contractor grade systems. All our basement waterproofing systems are of our own designed and manufactured in the USA. Designed with homeowners in mind, our systems are not only easy to install but also remarkably budget-friendly. Say goodbye to temporary “bandaid” fixes; our solutions are engineered to permanently dry up wet basements. Transform your basement into a dry, usable space with confidence, knowing you’ve got a reliable and long-lasting ally in

The first step when waterproofing your own basement is finding the source of the water leak. Most leaky basements have water entering the home where the floor and walls meet. This is commonly called the cove joint. A basement that leaks water through the cove joint can be remedied with our do-it-yourself SealOnce Basement System. The hollow baseboard collects the seeping water from the cove joint and and seepage from the face of the walls and direct it into the channel and carries it around the perimeter of the basement to the drain outlet.

If you need help identifying to source of your wet basement or not sure where to start with your basement waterproofing project, give us a call. Our team is here to help you find the right solution to your wet basement problem. We have over 50 years of experience in the waterproofing industry and have been helping homeowners, like yourself, dry up their wet basement for decades.