Crack Foundation Repair Installation Guide

DIY crack foundation wall repair sealant installation

Fix leaky wall cracks overnight with CRACK Foundation Repair.

Leaky wall cracks are common in poured wall foundations. Over time foundation walls develop cracks from settling, which often leak water. Stop the leaks with a single application of the amazing do-it-yourself CRACK foundation wall repair sealant. CRACK is a resilient surface seal. No chemical mixing, no pressurized injections, just one easy do-it-yourself step. 

Step 1: Clean Wall Surface
Clean the surface with a drill attachment and blow the surface clean and free of debris with compressed air.

Step 2: Apply Crack Foundation Repair
Squeeze a thick bead of CRACK along the crack quickly followed with a 1-1/2 inch wide plastic putty knife, creating a 1/4 inch thick ribbon of CRACK to cover wall crack.

Step 3: Let Cure & Seal
Within 24 hours, the CRACK sealant will have cured and absorbed into the porous cement leaving a VERY tough 1/8 inch smooth ribbon.