AprilAire Dehumidifier Riser Kit (4-Pack)


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AprilAire Dehumidifier Risers are compatible with all AprilAire Dehumidifier models. They add 6 inches of additional height and are installed for optimal drainage. Additionally, they reduce vibration and other noises and improve secure and level installations.

Includes (4) Dehumidifier Risers

  • Compatible Models: 1820, 1820Z, 1830, 1830CS, 1830W, 1830Z, 1850, 1850CS, 1850D, 1850W, 1850Z, 1852, 1870, 1870W, 1870Z, 1872, E070, E070KZ, E070N, E070T, E070Z, E080, E080CS, E080H, E080KZ, E080Z, E100, E100CS, E100D, E100H, E100KZ, E100N, E100T, E100V, E100Z, E130, E130C, E130H, E130KZ, E130Z, 8191, 8192, 8192A
  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Actual Measurements: 5H x 6.5W x 6.5D (inches)